Surface prep for KG going over old non-skid

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Surface prep for KG going over old non-skid

Post by Admin - Shine on Fri May 08, 2015 12:15 pm

I have had this question a couple times this week:

"How should I prep my old non-skid for application of Kiwigrip?"

Answer: If you old non-skid is molded in gelcoat, then you will need to sand it down unless you don't mind the pattern showing though. In either case (sand off or apply directly over) you will need to at least make certain the surface is free of wax. I suggest a good wipe down with solvent (acetone or denatured alcohol), followed by a sanding or wire brush, followed by a second wipe down. First wipe down is to make sure you do not just embed any wax further into surface with the sanding. Thats it, pretty simple!

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