Looking to build a skiff!

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Looking to build a skiff!

Post by Madmooner on Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:08 am

Somehow I've got it in my head I need to build a smallish skiff.

I live in the PNW on the Puget Sound. While I have a bigger boat that I enjoy, I'd love to have a small snd simple tiller steer skiff to enjoy.

It needs to be able to handle a little chop, enough gunnel height to cart around my 2 year old, light enough to be able to beach. Stable to walk around and haul crab pots and run a down rigger off of.

I'm thinking 16'-18' , 30-40hp tiller outboard. Decent size front casting deck and a small deck in back on which to sit with a couple hatches. Front deck would carry fuel and battery under it in separate compartments. Wide open deck in between. Self draining floor with foam under the sole.

What ya think?


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Re: Looking to build a skiff!

Post by Admin - Shine on Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:27 pm

The boat you describe is basically my old fs17 that I built while at my former company.

I plan to put out my own skiff design of similar size soon, if you can hold off on starting the build I can give you a great deal on plans/materials if you build the first one.

I will pm you about it.

Admin - Shine
Admin - Shine

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