splashwell gate for regulator

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splashwell gate for regulator

Post by Admin - Shine on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:16 pm

Received a message from a fellow who wants to build a splashwell gate for his contender.....

I need your help fo a project I am going to undertake on my 23 Regulator. I want to make a splash well gate similar to the one here (post 45):


This can be built in two ways (that I think would be good options anyway), I will explain.....

option one: Use sheet material to make shape, round corners, fiberglass, fair, paint.

This could be done with a foam core, plywood, or honeycomb panel. Each core will have its own particular ways of fastening. Using a foam core would be ideal as the edged do not have to be filled (like honeycomb). Cut the foam core to the shape, use draywall screws to hold the top section to the main part, epoxy fillet the inside radius, glass the inside. Remove screws, round over outside radius, glass outside. round over the outside edges and glass. This can all be done with a 10 oz woven cloth. In addition to the foam core you will need 1.5 gallons of epoxy (to wet out glass and to make the putties), 1 lb woodflour to make fillet and glue putty, 1 lb glass bubbles to mix fairing/sanding putty. primer. paint

option two: make simple mold from melamine, layup part, trim, fair, paint

This takes a little more patience but results in less work, plus you can use a less expensive honeycomb core. Make a mold of melamine, this is a female mold that looks like an "L" in the shape of your finished part. Make it a little longer/taller/wider than the finished part so you have room to trim. Use clay in the inside corners to make a radius (non-drying model clay), coat the mold with PVA using a simple foam brush, lay into the mold a layer of fiberglass, I would use 1708. wetout glass with epoxy, lay honeycomb core onto wet glass. around the outside of the part insert a piece of wood (same thickenss as the honeycomb, glass over the whole thing making your outside skin. remove from mold, trim glass back to the wood insert, round over wood insert, then glass over the wood. fair. paint.

with this method you can use a grid scored core, which can be folded and shipped ups/fedex instead of expensive freight.

there are more details to each process and I will walk you through whichever one you choose.

Epoxy is here: http://www.gulfstreamcomposites.com/category-s/129.htm

woodflour for glue/filet putty: http://www.gulfstreamcomposites.com/category-s/113.htm

glass bubbles: http://www.gulfstreamcomposites.com/category-s/113.htm

honeycomb core: http://www.gulfstreamcomposites.com/category-s/137.htm

10 oz woven glass: http://www.gulfstreamcomposites.com/product-p/lmh_cloth_10oz_50_yard.htm

1708 biax glass: http://www.gulfstreamcomposites.com/product-p/lmh_biax_1708_yard.htm

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