Divinycell sale - core material

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Divinycell sale - core material

Post by Admin - Shine on Wed May 18, 2016 11:39 am

I purchased a large amount of surplus divinycell (from the fellow who had it posted here a few weeks agoe) and will be putting it up for sales in the coming days.  It's mostly 2" thick single and double cut h130 and h160 .  Also large blocks of high density pu foam.  Sheet dimensions are 31.9"×32" on the divinycell.  I will be using some of it for stringers/frames on my own boat, but it has a lot of potential uses from fish boxes to stringers.  I will be listing the exact quantities and prices and pictures.  Price will be super cheap, around $40 per sheet, from the manufacturer this stuff is over $200/sheet.  It can be shipped UPS

What I have:

H130 2" thick, 36"x35.4", double cut - 15 sheets
H160 2" thick, 31"x32.69", uni cut - 30 sheets
H130 2" thick, 36"x35.4"", uni cut - 5 sheets

PU blocks 8"x6"x50.25" - 20 blocks

Contact me by email with any questions.    joel@gulfstreamcomposites.com


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