Refinish a Fiberglass Shower

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Refinish a Fiberglass Shower Empty Refinish a Fiberglass Shower

Post by JimG on Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:57 pm

Hello to all,

I just joined the site and let me wish Joel the best on this endeavor.

I own a FX20 that I purchased from a young man in Cresant City, FL some years ago . I would like to do a refit on it one day. Before I can do that I must catch up the "honey due list" first. I said catch up not finish. Laughing

I have a shower stall that appears to be a simple gel coat and fiberglass unit. There is no major damage, yet there is some spider cracking where the soap shelves are and possibly another place or two. I cannot examine it as closely as I would like, for at the moment, I am recovering from a accident that occurred on Memorial Day weekend some 8 weeks ago. (fractured left wrist and right foot/ankle) All is going well though - I cannot complain.

My logic is that if the EMC paints or even KIWI are tough enough to use on a boat they should be tough enough to use on a gel coat shower. I am fully aware that there will be prep work including but not limited to sanding etc.... As well, replacing the shower with a new fiberglass model or tile option is also work intensive with its own accumulating expenses.

I can provide pictures when I figure out how too. I'm sure my I.T. savvy son can help me.

I have a wide range of tools and experience in wood work from custom cabinets to steel and aluminum fabrication.

I know there are experienced boat builders on this forum who also have a broad range of skills in home repair issues.

Your help and suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Refinish a Fiberglass Shower Empty Re: Refinish a Fiberglass Shower

Post by Admin - Shine on Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:49 am

Either paint would work, but it might be a lot easier to just use gelcoat to repair. If the cracks are from repeated flexing, then the gelcoat repair will probably rack again over time
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