High density Foam Planks/boards

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High density Foam Planks/boards

Post by Admin - Shine on Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:01 pm

These are 20 lb high density polyurethane foam planks.  I bought them originally in 48"x6"x8" blocks and had them cut down to 2" thick 8"x48" boards to make them more usable.  These could have a number of uses:

Stringers: they can be butted up to each other to make stringers (before glassing over)
Frames:  same
Inserts: Use in places where increased compression is needed
Transom:  Butt up and epoxy together to make a transom core
cleats:  cut strips to use as gluing cleats
Spacers:  Glass then down to existing stringer tops to raise deck level

Im sure there are plenty of other uses.

Price is $20 per plank.  They can be shipped UPS, $35 shipping will cover up to 5 pieces.  

These were cut on a large band saw, so the thickness between each piece might have a small variance.  Foam is from General Plastics and its their aerospace grade 20lb foam

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Re: High density Foam Planks/boards

Post by Wej on Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:45 pm



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