Plascore PP Honeycomb

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Plascore PP Honeycomb

Post by rkmason on Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:57 pm

I'm looking for core materials suitable for building a custom boat swim platform.  The base support structure is a DIY-built 1.5in thick honeycomb panel of overall size 20in wide x 69in long, with three major cutouts thru the fiberglass panel surface. Panel edges will be closed out using aluminum flat strip material. Solid material (wood?) inserts will be incorporated into the built-up honeycomb panel to serve as attachment points for the platform brackets and an under-platform boarding ladder.

I'm looking at using either your Plascore pp honeycomb or the Airex T92 structural foam as the honeycomb panel core material. Can those materials be stacked together (2x  .75in layers) to make up the 1.5in thickness I need?  Will layering the core material compromise the finished panel bending stiffness?

I need the finished platform to be lightweight enough (~30lb) so that one person can install it onto the boat transom.  What are the specific densities of the Plascore and Airex core materials you have available?  Both materials are available from the manufacturers in a variety of densities.

Any other suggestions appreciated,  Thx.


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Re: Plascore PP Honeycomb

Post by Admin - Shine on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:31 am

Its a lot easier to use the foam core (airex) for something like you are describing, as the edge finishing is much less work. The airex t92 is 4.1 lb density. SO for 1.5" thick in the dimensions you gave, the core would be only 4.91 lbs. You will have the glue to lay up two thicknesses of 3/4", plus glass on either side. There should be no problem staying well under 30 lbs. No compromise in core strength with layering, use epoxy.

Let me know if you have more questions. I keep the airex in stock, but it sells pretty quick, please give a week lead time to be safe.

Admin - Shine
Admin - Shine

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