Gearing Up for a Garvey 21'4", also known as the GP21

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Gearing Up for a Garvey 21'4", also known as the GP21 Empty Gearing Up for a Garvey 21'4", also known as the GP21

Post by kcinnick on Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:18 am

I really wanted to try out the RAKA 350 hardener on this build and Joel has been helping me put a "get to the flip" kit together.  He asked me to start a build thread, not much to show yet.  I will probably start the strong back next week while waiting on my CNC kit to get cut.  I will post questions on a follow up post.

Admin - Shine wrote:
I have a little 3" roller, I actually cut the west rollers down to 3" to use with contact cement on leather work.  Spreading glue is so much faster with a roller than a brush, I imagine it is the same with epoxy.  I have only used brushes on epoxy before, and on things much smaller than a 21' boat.

I recommend spreading glue with a notched spreader, butter both sides, ensures good contact everywhere

I'd rather buy enough roller covers at one time than run out.  I was considering spraying, but I have seen how good EMC paint is coming out with rolling only and none of our respirators are fresh air respirators.  I guess the high temp cure paints we use are not as bad as the two part paints.  EMC rolled will probably be a better finish than I expect.

rolling is easy, no problem

As far as working "wet on wet" with the Raka Epoxy and the 350 hardener, how long do I have between lay ups before it is not wet on wet any longer.  I seem to remember a long discussion about it saying you could do a lamination at night and then the next morning continue working on it and that was a short enough time to not have to sand, clean and start over.

If I can figure a way to do the entire outside lamination in one session, it will be done, from taped seams to the final layer of glass.  I plan on measuring, marking, cutting everything before hand.  I will have it all laid out, a sacrificial army of solo cups, filled with measured epoxy and hardener ready to go with plenty of mixing cups, trays, liners, whatever supplies are needed to make it through the day.  Luckily a large portion of my shop is air conditioned, unfortunately the boat will be built in the non climate controlled portion.

If you think you can do the whole thing at once, then go for it  Smile I would plan on doing the taping one day, then the wide cloth the next.  Sanding the tape edges is quick and easy.

Speaking of keeping sanding to a minimum...  I was going to splurge on a 5" and 6" RO and the 3m fairing boards.  Any suggestions on what I should get.  My 5" RO was in the possession of a former employee when she became a former employee and I didn't think it was worth getting it back.  Also, the best sanding discs out there and grits to pick up?

Lots of questions, as soon as I have something to show I will do a build thread here.  Might be just a strong back... and I might even ask you a question about that!

A 6" DA is pretty much a must.  60, 80, 120, 220 are the gits I use.

Starting a build thread would be a great idea.  All of this we are discussing would be helpful to others to read.  If you dont mind, just copy and paste this PM to the thread so we have continuity in the discussion.




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Gearing Up for a Garvey 21'4", also known as the GP21 Empty Re: Gearing Up for a Garvey 21'4", also known as the GP21

Post by Admin - Shine on Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:48 am

this will be exciting Very Happy Exclamation
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