Hydra Sports Project

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Hydra Sports Project

Post by Sanders on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:39 am

I am modifying the deck and console in my 20' Hydra Sports and have tons of questions. Therefore I am starting a project thread. My plan is to cut the storage off of the front of the console. I will use a removable cooler for the seat. I also am modifying the deck at the transom to fix a drainage issue. I leave the boat in the water and the rear deck plates are below the water line and therefore leak. I will run the deck to the transom and remove a drop down / well at the rear of the boat and drill new scupper holes at the new deck level.

I have removed the console and most of the deck hardware. My plan is to paint the boat with EMC and the deck with Kiwi Grip. The non skid on the boat is very aggressive and has areas where 5200 was used to secure a old leaning post. Will the Kiwi Stick if I am not able to remove all of the 5200? Also will the non skid be visible in the finished Kiwi Grip? I will figure out how to add pictures when I have more time.Thanks in advance Joel


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Re: Hydra Sports Project

Post by Admin - Shine on Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:59 pm

Try to get as much of the 5200 up as possible within reason. The kiwigrip will cover the old nonskid as long as it does not have too much relief. I would sand the old nonskid down. Its really hard to give good advice without pictures though. you can email me pictures if you like. joel@gulfstreamcomposites.com
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