Canaveral Buoy trip

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Canaveral Buoy trip

Post by Admin - Shine on Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:00 am

Last week there was a weather opening and I made a trip on a buddy's boat to the Canaveral weather buoy. Its a buoy about 135 miles east of cape canaveral and it can be loaded with tuna. On a trip a week prior my buddy had limited out on larger yellowfin (15 tuna 20-50 lbs each). This trip, not so much Very Happy We managed 4 keeper yellow fin, to about 30 lbs, about 30 undersize yellowfin, 20 or so blackfin, and 4 nice triple tail (speared). Road out to the buoy Sunday afternoon, fished for a couple hours, then finished in the morning. Ocean was not very active, we crossed the entire gulfstream and there was only one small weedline the whole way. The most fun was probably jigging the tuna at night, and casting topwaters to the tuna

Picture of a tuna school

one of the blackfins


kept on of the flyer that landed in the boat at night, cooked him up, pretty good !

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