Aquasport 20 CCP rebuild

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Aquasport 20 CCP rebuild

Post by Admin - Shine on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:54 pm

starting a thread for a cutsomer....

Hey Joel,

I'm chipping away at my 20' Aquasport CCP and contemplating going to a cap and liner build similar to your 23 Seacraft.  My only real hesitation is that the high cap would require some cosmetic treatment to cover the hull/deck seam in the bow.  This photo was me trying out a cut line.  Nothing is cut yet.

My questions are about adding transverse and longitudinal stiffeners to the hull side.  If I use the Airex for longitudinals, how thick should I build to up?  Is 1/2 inch of depth enough or should I build them up thicker”    I’m thinking about useing foam blocks for transverse stiffeners aft and either moulding channels or useing your pre-made forms forward.  What would you advise for a lanination schedule over the stiffeners?  Thanks for your help.

I would use only transverse, mainly because of the fairing work.  Faring all the inside corners between the longitudinal/transverse stiffeners took days and days, and it wasn't really necessary, I could have used one or the other and been fine.

The stiffener/frame should be about 3" tall, you can epoxy together some scrap 1/2" core to make them, or use some foam planks I have.  I didnt have these last time you were here, I just got them back from being ripped down.

link to the 20 lb foam planks....


If you glass in foam core, then you really only need one layer of 1708 overlapping the hull sides by about 6" either side.  If you go the route of the hollow stiffener form, then you need about 3 layers of 1708.   I hope that answers the question.  

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